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School resources

School resources

Waste education sessions

From compost critters to missing teddies, you should find everything you need to run waste education sessions at your school!

Click on the links to access the free downloadable resources to use in your school.

Run an assembly

Reduce Re-use Recycle assembly

This is a great presentation, which is adaptable for all ages to kick off your recycling topic! Why not use it as the focus of an Eco-Week at your school? Use the facilitator notes to help your presentation.

Litter assembly

This interactive presentation is designed to raise awareness of litter. It covers the environmental and social problems of litter as well as the legal and financial aspects. this is a good introduction for special clean up days or can be used and adapted if you have specific litter problems at your school. The facilitator notes will aid the presentation.

Could your school take part in the School Litter Challenge?

Reduce food waste at your school

Food waste presentation

Interactive talk designed to raise awareness of the environmental effects of food waste with practical tips and activities to reduce food waste.

Waste-free lunch

This special event will highlight how your pupils can reduce the rubbish in their lunchboxes. This is an ideal activity to run during an Eco-Week at school and is suitable for all ages.

Why not use this Meal Planner activity to make pupils think about shopping on a budget? This visual shopping list will help with the activity.

How much is your school throwing away?

Waste audit

Weighing Rubbish Bag For Waste Audit

This a practical activity your pupils can carry out in school to identify the main waste materials and waste hot spots through data collection and analysis. This is particularly suited to Eco School students or Green Champions. It is a great way to pinpoint what your school can do to reduce their own waste! Use the parent letter to explain the purpose of the audit at school and the action plan to record what changes the school can make.

Papermaking activity suitable for all ages!

Why not try papermaking at your school? Your students will be amazed to learn all the exciting facts about paper!

Learning about recycling for Early Years and Key Stage 1

Sort it!

This fun sorting activity can be used to look at material that can and can't be recycled. It can be used either at school or at a visit to a local household waste and recycling centre.

Where's my Teddy?

This great story introduces Early Years and KS1 pupils as to where their rubbish goes and what can be recycled! Use the facillitator notes to help with the presentation.

Does your school compost?

Compost capers

This is a great way to show your new compost champions how to look after the compost bins at your school!

Why not set up a game of Compost Bingo at school? Or try to work out what decomposes quickest in the Compost Time Line game?