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Love Where You Live

Love Where You Live

Logo for the Love Where You Live Campaign

Recycle for Buckinghamshire is proud to support the Love Where You Live Campaign.

Look around at where you live, is it litter free?
Are there regularly issues with fast food litter, smoking litter or litter thrown from cars?
Does it upset you to see where you live sullied by litter?
Love Where You Live is a new national campaign with the aim of inspiring everyone to think about their communities and take action to reduce litter in the locations where they live, the places they visit and the spaces that they use.

It's about everyone taking responsibility - individuals, local authorities, government and multi-national companies to change the way people think and act about littering. We all love something about where we live and this campaign is about everyone working together to make change happen. No-one is excluded as we can all do something, whoever we are, to make where we live a better place.

Litter Picking in Buckinghamshire

Take Action on Litter

Would you like to help keep your local environment litter free?

If you would like to take action on litter in your area, find out how to join one of many local groups that organise clear up events or organise your own.

Could your school take action with the 'School Litter Challenge'?

For more information, please call your local District Council.