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Let's SCRAP fly tipping

Let's SCRAP fly tipping


Fly tipping - the illegal dumping of waste - is an unpleasant crime that can spoil both residential areas and the countryside. Most residents and businesses take their responsibilities over waste disposal seriously, but Buckinghamshire, in common with other places, has an ongoing problem with some individuals from both inside and outside of the county continuing to dump their waste illegally.

The Waste Partnership for Buckinghamshire is made up of Buckinghamshire County Council and
the county’s four district councils: Aylesbury Vale, Chiltern, South Bucks, and Wycombe. The
Partnership works to provide a high quality waste disposal and recycling service for the residents
of Buckinghamshire. As part of this, it not only clears away fly tipping on public land, but it also operates a zero-tolerance policy towards fly tipping, investigating cases and prosecuting offenders whenever possible. In Buckinghamshire, success at prosecuting fly tipping incidents is about 16 times the national level, with an average of one prosecution every week.


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How we can S.C.R.A.P. fly tipping in Bucks

Everyone has a legal 'duty of care' to ensure their household or business waste is disposed of correctly. If you fail to do this, you can be prosecuted even if your waste is fly tipped by someone else on your behalf.

If it's your waste, it's your responsibility.

Always use a registered waste carrier to collect your rubbish - you can find a registered waste carrier in your area on the Environment Agency's website.

Use the S.C.R.A.P. code and help prevent people making a profit from illegal dumping.

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Suspect all waste carriers; do not let them take your waste until they have proven themselves to be legitimate. A professional waste carrier should happily answer reasonable questions.

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Check that a waste carrier is registered on the Environment Agency's website. Note down the registration number of the vehicle used to take your waste away.                                

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Refuse any unexpected offers to have your rubbish taken away. If you suspect that someone who you have spoken to will be disposing of waste illegally, report them to the Environment Agency.                          

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Ask what will happen to your rubbish and seek evidence that it is going to be disposed of appropriately.                                                      

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Paperwork must be obtained: a proper invoice, waste transfer note or receipt, including a description of the waste being removed and the waste carrier’s contact details.                                 

For more information, please see the downloads at the bottom of this page.

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